Lofoten tour

Tour 1  – Drive the spectacular National Tourist Route of Norway from Tromsø to Lofoten.  

Tromsø is a city that never sleeps  –  called “Paris of the north midnight sun”.

Visit Northern Norway’s biggest town, and have some fantastic days. The city lies amongst a cluster of islands, and the temperature remains fairly moderate all year round, especially in summer, despite the town being around 400km into the Arctic Circle.

 Tromsø is well known for its lively inhabitants, a world class university, the alcohol (in a good way) and calendar brimming with culture and activities. Visitors can expect a more than friendly welcome in a city with a lot of pubs and restaurants.

The road from Tromsø via Sommarøy and Senja to Å in Lofoten take you to beautiful and sceneric parts of Norway.  You will pass a numerous of islands – al island hopping by cars.  The drive is slow, narrow roads with low speed limit.  Stop for photo and enyou life.  The drive includes  two ferry crossing and  several bridges.  Majestic fjord, fishing villages, and white sandy beach.  

We will provide you with a hire car, great accommodation and detailed route notes, and you set the pace for each day. The itinerary is perfectly suited for independent travel, and for families with children.


  • Tromsø Town – A city that never sleeps.
  • Small fishing village of Sommarøy on the outer coast of Northern Norway with pristine beaches
  • Remotely located Island of Senja with dramatic scenery
  • Deep sea fishing excursion
  • Stay in a fisherman’s cabins (Rorbu) on the Lofoten Archipelago
  • Midnight sun that never sets and a bustling cultural and nightlife. 

Day 1:  TROMSØ.  

Arrival to Tromsø airport and take the airport coach to Choise hotel in Tromsø. 

Tromsø is a lively place and popular city,  a lot of good restaurants, bars and famous for its robust  music.  You will love to stay in Tromsø.  We can recommend a ride on the cable car, which runs up to a mountain ledge in just four minutes. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains and fjords.      


Optional trips:   

  • Bird and Arctic Wildlife Sightseeing cruise
  • Whale Watching Tour by Hybrid-Electric Catamaran
  • Reindeer Ranch and Sami Culture Tour

Day 3:  TROMSØ – SENJA.   208 KM 

After breakfast in Tromsø you pick up your electrical car and drive approx. 60km across Kvaløya to Sommarøy – an old fishing village.   3 hourS and 15 minutes drive from Tromsø. Driving through these islands you will be rewarded with the view of majestic mountains and crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. Kvaløya’s tall mountains and extreme peaks protects Tromsø from the Atlantic Ocean.  The drive  will take you to everything from old rock carvings to white sand beaches and tall peaks.   Arriving Senja  – Norway’s second largest island  – and one of those places in Norway that sees very few visitors. You pass steep mountains that goes deep into the ocean.  Its many reststops and viewpoints to the Divil’s teeth mountan and Oxhorn Mountains. The beaches with their white coral sand invites you for a swim, but its cold in the water and only for the bravest one.   This is mostly due to its dramatic and remote location on the Norwegian coast.

Your accommodation on Senja is in self-contained apartments in Hamn overlooking the water and sheltered from the open seas of the Norwegian Sea.

Staying here allows you to partake in a wide variety of adventures all on the same day: hiking, kayaking, fishing, cycling, or just lying on the beach!  We highly recommend a detour to Husøy, where the houses are wired down on a little island to avoid being blown away.


Breakfast and you can enjoy this beautiful location towards the sea.  Join a deep sea fishing excursion trying your luck for Atlantic cod, climb one of the surrounding peaks or just enjoy the day relaxing in Hamn.  Enjoy a seafood lunch. 

Day 5:   HAMN –   LOFOTEN. 

Start early this day and drive via the village of Torsken (the Cod) to Gryllefjord   –  (15 minutes drive)  where you will cross the fjord by ferry to Andenes on Andøya. You may be lucky and see whales and seals on the ferry trip.

On arrival at Andenes you will make your way south for the approx. 275km  drive to Stamsund  in a fantastic part of the Lofoten Archipelago. Once again, the drive is stunning as mountain peaks rise from the ocean and more than thousand meters straight skyward.

On arrival in Stamsund  you check into a  Rorbu (fisherman’s cottage) on stilts over the clear blue water. The cottages are once again self-contained with a bed & bathroom, lounge and kitchenette.


Spend the day in Stamsund  and enjoy a sea eagle safari by boat and visit the narrow waters of the Trollfjord. You may also join a kayaking excursion or follow one of the many hiking trails in the area.  Its many cute cafes, restaurant and shops and the surrounding landscapes is jaw-dropping.  Its also perfect for hiking.  You can choose if you want to stay more nights here.  We give you price for that. 


Breakfast in Stamsund and we can recommend to go  Reine.  1 hour and 13 minutes by your car.  Further out in the Lofoten Archipelago to picture perfect Reine. On the way we strongly recommend a stop in the small fishing village of Nusfjord and also visiting The Viking Museum in Flakstad for a great insight into the Viking culture.  Can also recommend to visit Å with your car.  It’s the outer edge of the Lofoten Archipelago, and go even further out to the remote islands of Røst. If you are a birdwatcher you should definitely consider the trip out to Røst, where you have good chances of spotting sea eagles, puffins and numerous other sea birds.  And also a trip to Værøy, which is Lofoten in a nutshell, with dramatic mountains, white sandy beaches, lush mountainsides and picturesque fishing stations.  Back to Stamsund.  

Day 8 –  STAMSUND – OSLO.  

Make the drive to Leknes Airport, and drop off your car at the airport .

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